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Project: Outdoor Coffee Table, Part 1

Hi everyone!

Lately, we’ve been working on a list of projects that we want to finish by the time summer ends, and on the very top of that list is the deck. The deck itself is mostly done, but what’s a deck without a place to relax and hang out? Queue two of our biggest projects: a table of some kind and benches.

If you haven’t already guessed, we’ll be talking about the table of some kind today. Since our deck is of medium size (16×16 feet), we decided to combine an L-shaped bench with a table. However, as picky as I (Cassie) am, I didn’t want to have a table 100% of the time, especially if we’re outside just chillin’. Here enters the idea of a convertible coffee table.¬†Since this is such a large project, we’ll be splitting up the posts into bite sized pieces. Today’s post is going to focus on the initial plans for the table.

Before we go into details on the table, let’s go over how we figured out a size. For a normal family get together, we usually have 8 to 10 people over. On smaller occasions, it’s anywhere between 2 and 4. At any given time, the table had to be able to accommodate however many people we had over. To sit 10 people comfortably (12 people squished), we decided that a 7 foot by 4 foot table would work. Obviously a 7×4 coffee table was a little overkill, so we decided to make the coffee table 4×4. We’ll go over how this part works in a later post.

First plans for the table and benches

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering how the heck are we going to have a coffee table work as a dining table. Don’t worry – we won’t be making anyone sit on the ground. Before even starting on plans for the table, we had to figure out a way to lift and lower it. If that wasn’t possible, then there was no point in going forward with the convertible table idea. So one fateful day, while¬†frantically searching Pinterest and YouTube for a way to lift and lower the table, I stumbled upon this quick tutorial for a work bench. I was immediately inspired, and the plans for our convertible table were born.

3D Rendering built with Tinker Cad

I hope this post was inspiring to you! Stay tuned for more projects, including our continued coffee table journey! See you next time,

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